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Happiness and Contentment

To be happy and contented is probably the most sought after goal in life, and for many people, this seemingly elusive state lies behind their goals. Yet what it specifically involves to be able to feel contented remains a mystery to many people resulting in types of depression that can seem hopeless.

In our quest for happiness, we may have ideas such as a relationship, more money, our own home, furthering career, but so often we find that these things do not deliver the ongoing happiness that we had hoped for. Instead, after the novelty wears off, a sense of discontentment may return. So what is the key to contentment and ongoing happiness?

The 4 PIllars model of contentment a framework through which people are able to measure and formulate a plan to that elusive true contented happiness.

More information can be found in an as yet unpubished chapter available HERE (updated December 2013)

Information about a workshop I run on this topic called
"In Search of the Sixth Happiness"

can be downloaded HERE

The 4PACQ is a short questionnaire designed to assess an individual's level of contentment based around the four pillars model of happiness. It can be used to identify any life areas that may be lacking, assessing the degree to which the client’s core human needs are being met.

After the 4PACQ has been administered, coaching or counselling can focus upon first, restoring the person’s 4 pillars, and then to explore how they want to develop their personal or work life.

Being a brief 40-item inventory, it is only designed to approximate the state of a person’s contentment and the degree to which their needs are being met.

You can download the 4PACQ here. Use by individuals is permitted with the copyright notice intact. Please email mat@4pacq.info for organisational enquiries.




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