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HARM Mapping

HARM Mapping is a very simple technique that health and welfare sector staff can use to rapidly assess the state of key life areas. It can also assess the degree of impact any change is likely to have on a client and may be a good predictor of the strength of their reaction.

HARM Mapping can also be used to assess impacts of change, so can by used by managers in the workplace.

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The HARM areas
The four HARM areas are:

1) Health - as well as physical health, impacts can be upon the person's emotioanl and psychological well-being.

2) Activities - the meaningful activities for that person, which may be their work, home duties, hobbies, community groups, and more.

3) Relations - these are relationships with the significant people in the person's life

4) Material Security - a person's home and their financial security are often seen as the material foundations of a person's life.





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